Al Araimi Walk to create 3,000 jobs


Al Raid Group announced that its upcoming project, Al Araimi Walk will generate around 3,000 jobs.

Al Araimi

The company added that it was excited about the Al Araimi Walk, which is slated to be completed by September, 2020. It is a mall which is to be built on the ‘retailtainment’ model.

“The upcoming project of Al Raid Group, Al Araimi Walk will create about 3,000 jobs and will be completed by 2020. Retailtainment is a simple combination of entertainment at a retail concept. To have an experience inclusive of both is the real challenge.”

“To create something that the consumer wants in this present time is going to be our objective, since the trend is on the rise amongst Omanis as they become more aware of similar concepts in neighbouring countries.”

The Group said that The Walk would make a significant mark on the retail sector.

“Al Araimi Walk will be creating jobs at the retail sector which is employing around 180,000 people with 12 per cent occupied by Omanis,” it said.

The company insisted that the mall would be a unique one. “The Walk it will be a one of a kind mall which might set a new benchmark for the consumer to look up to. The vision is to create a retailtainment destination in Oman with the latest entertainment offerings such as virtual reality and trampoline parks.

“The unique offering of diversified dinning offerings and a food market will provide a unique touch. The model depends on creating a unique retail outlet mall with an attached four star hotel and a vast variety of entertainment offerings.”

“It will be a destination which is designed by an international architect and will provide facilities and services that are of an international standard. With the consumer base increasing in Oman as well as the exposure of the global trends increasing, there is a clear need for retailtainment here in the country.”

The real estate sector in Oman is changing. “The latest trends in the real estate environment in the Sultanate are evolving and the consumer is more focused on getting better value for money, creating a need to have a niche project with the common man’s needs being catered to,” the company said.

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