Are you geared up for the AI revolution at work?


Learn the new AI trends to upgrade your career

“AI is like what the internet was in… 1987, but beyond. So imagine what people thought the internet would be in 1987 to what it actually is today.” – Will.I.AM, Rapper, Producer, and Philanthropist 

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AI is here to stay. And in a few decades from now on, it will be the core of every business. Therefore, its imperative that the workforce of today upgrades to new trends for advancing their careers and help businesses to stay ahead of the competition. AI is more than just big data and algorithms. It’s going to evolve in the future. Here are the new trends that you need to look out for

Programming your career

Programming is not just for the software engineers or the tech guys. One will need to understand various programming languages such as C++, Python and Java in the future. Along with this, one will also need to garner enhanced AI approaches with advanced programs such as R, MATLAB and Lisp. Plus, the workforce needs to be future-ready to understand APIs and GPU programming. Right from theory to practice.

Data management is the future   

With more AI and fewer people, the future will all be about managing and crunching data. Therefore, one has to be equipped with Machine Learning approaches that offer real-time analysis and proactive strategies to counter breakdowns or downtimes.

Strategize with Stats

Strategies and probability are mission-critical for today’s business scenarios. AI will help in creating simulations, models and algorithms that will help to solve the business problems of tomorrow. These complex stats and data needs to be processed by a sharp talent pool.

Next level data computing

Get ready for new-age techniques such as cognitive computing, advanced analytics, text analytics, modelling, natural language processing and search technologies. A workforce that understands these techniques will definitely hold an edge in the future.

Get Specific

Financial data is different from medical records. Though machine learning AI will make things easier, one will require specific features to be extracted from different sources of data in order to use them efficiently and build specific business models.

So, are you geared for the future?…

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