Friday, April 26, 2019
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Oman Seeks to Raise $6 Billion for Aviation Industry Expansion

(Bloomberg) -- Oman Aviation Group is seeking about $6 billion to fund the building of new airports and an expansion of the national airline. The state-owned...

Dubai’s Biggest Islamic Bank Weighs Acquiring Local Rival

(Bloomberg) -- Dubai Islamic Bank is weighing a possible acquisition of smaller rival Noor Bank as the United Arab Emirates’ biggest Islamic lender seeks ways...

Four Seasons Adds New Airbus for $147,000-a-Seat Private Flights

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts announced on Tuesday that it’s in the process of converting another private jet to its fleet in 2021, to replace the...

Beware of Economic Ideas Born Outside Ivory Tower

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- How can you know if a macroeconomic theory is a good one? The answer is that it’s surprisingly hard. Because macroeconomics doesn’t...

Selfie Deaths Are Like Stock-Market Crashes

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Today’s missive covers three of our favorite subjects: innumeracy, psychology and investing. It comes to us courtesy of an article in Outside...

Saudis Pledge to Ensure Oil Supply if Iran Exports Collapse

(Bloomberg) -- Saudi Arabia will coordinate with other crude producers to ensure that adequate supplies are available and the market “does not go out of...

Nabil Foods Undergoing Seismic Digital Transformation Shift: CEO

Nabil Foods CEO, Ahmed Sallakh talks to Business Live Middle East about the company’s journey in the regional and international markets, their digital transformation...

Carlos Ghosn Indicted on New Charges

(Bloomberg) -- Carlos Ghosn was indicted on new charges of misdirecting company money for his personal use, the most serious allegations yet against the...

Dubai Counting on Retail, Tourism to Break Out of Economic Funk

(Bloomberg) -- Dubai is looking to retail and tourism to break free of its weakest economic expansion in almost a decade. Growth in the city’s gross...

Future of Democracy is Literally in India’s Hands

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- “On or about December 1910, human character changed,” the English novelist Virginia Woolf once wrote. It’s no exaggeration to say that...