Italian automotive luxury checks-in to Oman


The luxury Italian marque of Maserati Cars has come to Oman through a new state-of-the-art showroom and after sales facility in Muscat.
Maserati, the Italian luxury car brand, hopes to break new ground in Oman with Alfardan Motors, the official importer of Maserati automobiles into Oman commencing operations in the country. Alfardan Motors’ latest venture in Muscat is expected to be instrumental in the
‘re-birth’ of how these exceptional vehicles are brought to market, as well as redefining customer care in the luxury automobile segment.
Customers can now look forward to a luxurious experience which begins from the showroom itself, a state-of-the-art bespoke facility which offers approximately 800 square metres on two floors. The first floor can display up to eight cars simultaneously, in addition to a reception area, a consultation lounge, and the ‘configuration area’ where prospective customers can select bespoke specifications for their purchase. The second floor provides management offices and meeting rooms, which together make up what has become now the manufacturer’s latest showroom in the Middle East, designed with compliance to the highest international standards and corporate identity designs of Maserati.
Alfardan Motors is a subsidiary of the Alfardan Automotive Group, renowned for its leadership within the luxury automobile sector. Based on the success it has enjoyed in its domestic market of Qatar, Alfardan Automotive Group has been awarded the status of official importer of Maserati to the Omani market. Omar Alfardan, president of Alfardan Motors, says, “We are proud of our long relationship with Maserati. We see Oman as a promising market and we are pleased to extend our operations with Maserati here. We feel confident to deliver on our promise to provide the highest levels of customer care to Maserati owners and enthusiasts, as well as provide the latest models which customers can order to the most exclusive specifications.”
Talking about Alfardan Automotive Group, Omar says over the years, the group built an enviable reputation for excellence within both sales and the after sales sectors. This is evidenced by the awards it has received and, particularly relevant here is the recognition for Alfardan Sports Motors in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 by Maserati Regional Office announcing Qatar as the ‘Aftersales Importer of the Year’ for the Middle East and Africa.
“This is the kind of experience and expertise that Alfardan Motors brings to the Omani market: a great customer service through a dedicated and knowledgeable sales team, as well as our award-winning after sales service. Our service is best defined by our belief that any sale is only the beginning of what will hopefully be a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the customer,” Omar says.
Umberto Cini, regional managing director of Maserati Middle East and India, is extremely pleased to partner Alfardan Motors in Oman while saying, “we are confident that Maserati is now part of a team that will give the Omani market the attention it deserves, its customers the service they expect ,and a partner that will avail itself of the massive opportunity that this market represents.”
On the reasons why Maserati is confident that Alfardan Motors will succeed in Oman, Umberto says, “This is because of the relationship that already exists between Maserati and Alfardan Sports Motors in Qatar. The partnership between these two companies is a strong one, with a history of success and achievement. We feel that these gains will also be seen in Oman.”
Umberto emphasises that Oman is a very important market for Maserati. According to him, the Sultanate has shown a remarkable growth potential in the luxury car sector and since Maserati produces cars that are renowned for their exclusivity and performance, it will be able to achieve its objectives in the Omani market with Alfardan Motors, its partner.
Demand for the exclusive character and refined dynamism that is so unique to any Maserati product has risen strongly in the region. As 2011 has proven, the charisma and allure indicative to Maserati cars continues to play an important role for consumers.
Last year alone the company sold 2,715 examples of its flagship coupe, the Maserati GranTurismo. This represented a staggering 44 per cent of its overall sales returns for 2011, by far the highest. But interest and demand for the Maserati luxury four-door saloon – the Maserati Quattroporte – is also on the rise. With close to 1,800 units sold, the Quattroporte – a magnificent example of Italian passion and tradition – made up 29 per cent of its sales in 2011, with the Quattroporte S leading the way. The versatile and exclusive Maserati GranCabrio, once again proved to be highly desirable across the globe. A total of 1,677 units of the GranCabrio series were sold in 2011. The GranCabrio alone registered a phenomenal 85 per cent of overall sales for the model range.
In total, Maserati, even during a worldwide period of financial instability, generated revenues of 588 million Euros, an 6.4 per cent improvement over 2010.
Speaking on behalf of Maserati, Umberto commented, “We are pleased to have a partner like Alfardan Motors. And we are confident that Alfardan Motors will provide Maserati owners and enthusiasts alike with the true Maserati experience. My confidence is based on the relationship that already exists between Maserati and Alfardan Automotive Group in Qatar, which encompasses more than 15 years of fruitful co-operation and partnership, with a long history of success and achievement. We are certain that this quality will be delivered in Oman and the same success will be demonstrated by Alfardan Motors.”
The exclusive showroom comes to life with a team of trained and dedicated sales consultants, who are pleased to welcome Maserati enthusiasts daily from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm, and again from 4 pm to 8 pm, Saturday through Thursday, while presenting the complete range of Maserati models, including the Quattroporte, the limited edition GranCabrio Fendi, the GranCabrio Sport and the GranTurismo, all of which come with the Maserati Service Package for three years or 50,000 kms, which ensures complete peace of mind and an ownership experience that is second to none.
Meanwhile, the after sales team will be available to provide their technical assistance and support from within a fully-equipped workshop in the proximity of the main showroom, from 8 am to 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm to 5 pm Saturday through Wednesday, and from 8 am to 1 pm on Thursday. The after sales facility is equipped with two working bays and all required parts and accessories for Maserati models within a total servicing solution which can deal with any maintenance and repair requirements.

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