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The best part about food is that you can eat it in a million different ways around the world.

Speaking of around the world, did you know there are certain etiquette or table manners that you need to follow in certain countries or regions. Here are some interesting ones:

Host first 

In Italy, the host will be the first to sit, raise a toast, eat and get up from the table. If you’re the guest, wait until the host is not seated.

Low tables, high taste   

For an exotic Japanese meal, you’ll have to sit on cushions placed on the floor and meals placed on a low table. It might take a little effort for some but after tasting the food, it’ll be worth it. Slurp, slurp.

Bon appetite

In France, you shouldn’t start a meal without the host saying Bon Appetite. Yes, wait for those 2 words before you taste the indelible French flavours.

Hand in hand

No forks and spoon, Indian love eating with their hands. They find it to be more flavourful. Plus, a lot of Indian preparations cannot be easily eaten with forks, spoons and knives. Your hands are enough.

Respected guests

In Russia, the oldest or the most honoured guest is served first. Even in India, everyone waits for the oldest member of the family to take a bite before everyone starts a meal.

Left is right in Colombia     

When sitting at a table in Colombia, always pass the dishes towards your left on the table and never towards your right.

What’s on your plate     

Leaving the food on the plate has various connotations around the world. In Russia, leaving the food on your plate means that your host has fed you well. Whereas in India, it is extremely rude or disrespectful to leave food on your plate as it is considered to be holy.

Less talk. More bite 

In Saudi Arabia, keep conversation to a bare minimum while eating as it is considered to be bad table manners. Just enjoy the wonderful Arabian delights.

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