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Lujaina Mohsin Haider Darwish, Shareholder, MHD LLC shares her thoughts on winning the prestigious ‘The Middle East Women Leadership Awards’ and the potential of Omani women to contribute to the Sultanate’s development. Mayank Singh reports

Can you share some details of ‘The Middle East Women Leadership Awards’ and the category in which you have won?

‘The Middle East Women Leadership Awards’ honors women in leadership by recognizing businesswomen and women leaders in various fields who play a distinct role in the region. In its 9th year the event celebrated some of the finest woman leaders & achievers in organizations which believe in producing leaders such as leaders of change, leaders who are iconic & foster talent management strategy alliance with the vision & the mission of the organization. I am the recipient of “The Middle East Woman Leader 2018” award endorsed by CMO Asia (GCC Edition) & World Women Leadership Congress.

What are the criteria of selecting these awards?

The selection committee was chaired by the Former President of The Economic Times, included Managing Director of Odgers Berndtson and other highly qualified business and academic professionals. The shortlist and criteria are adopted based on ability to influence, exemplary leadership at a national level, empowerment, commitment and distinguished professionalism.

As a winner, will you be participating in the World Women leadership Congress which is a part of the world HRD congress in 2019?

Yes, with pleasure. If I am selected and nominated for the award I plan to participate in The World Women Leadership Congress.

Please share your thoughts on winning this award.

I am honored to be bestowed with this award and to be selected amongst those women who are pioneers for all the women across the region. Moreover, this achievement goes to the wonderful employees I work with that goes without saying for their dedication as well as hard work which has contributed to the overall success of our organization.

You’re a role model for Omani Women. Looking back, what are the reasons that have enabled you to succeed in life?

Thank you, I have been blessed with the opportunities that has been provided to me by my late father Mohsin Haider Darwish, the founder of Mohsin Haider Darwish and by the leadership of our country His Majesty the Sultan.

As the eldest among three sisters, we were always taught to work hard and value our companies most important asset, which is our people. We were also taught that failure is life’s greatest teacher. In my opinion, the quickest road to success is to possess an attitude toward failure which embodies ’no fear’. My late father has taught me that when you work hard, you set an example for yourself and your employees and when you thrive to be a lifelong learner no matter where you are or what your position, we can achieve success through the culmination of the knowledge gained to set firm goals and make  sure  we achieve our targets. I am also blessed with overwhelming and omnipresent support from my husband and family during this journey.

Oman was the first country in the GCC to give women equal rights and opportunities as men. What are your views on the potential of Omani Women?

Omani women live in a country where more women are financially independent than ever before. In fact, today’s young Omani women could become some of the most financially independent women in history.

Women are breaking into many new fields such as aviation, tourism, oil and gas, entrepreneurs, finance and several other unconventional industries. These women make great contribution to the national economy and development of our country. In fact, Omani women are at the forefront in almost every sphere of life.

In my opinion, Omani women are a force to be reckoned with. They constitute around 50 per cent of the country’s population; their potential and abilities to scale companies and organizations is achievable. Women continue to make progress on many fronts.

What is your advice for young Omani Women?

Firstly I would like to share how I have immense respect and faith in the Omani women who contribute considerably towards the overall social and economic aspect of our country. Through hard work and commitment I foresee a bright future for the Omani women, for their families and for Oman.

Remember helping one woman helps all women. Support each other, encourage each other, believe in one another and when this happens, no doubt success will follow through hard work and commitment.

We are incredibly lucky to live in the era of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos. As we celebrate His Majesty’s 48th National Day, what better way to celebrate his legacy than to acknowledge half of Oman’s potential, through women who has the power to create, develop and transform her future to a better world.