11 Apps You Must Install On Your Phone To Simplify Life


Juggling between work, home, appointments, and an ever-growing to-do lists can leave even the best of us feeling exhausted.

The 11 apps listed below can help you organize, digitize, and also lend some sanity into your otherwise chaotic lives.

1. Sworkit

sworkit app

Being pressed for time is one of the most common excuse people give to avoid working out. But with Sworkit’s customized programs, one can fit a targeted workout session into a time frame of their choice. There are workouts available for all experience level along with the option of building your own personal workout.

2. TimeTree 

Keeping track of the various activities your family is involved in can be daunting. TimeTree provides you with a solution. This app allows family members to share their calendars and appointments. Thus, keeping everyone in the group up to date about current as well as upcoming events.

3. Robinhood

It is one of the most popular financial apps in the market. With Robinhood, users can invest, trade and buy stocks on their phone using real-time data and quotes. One can also build a personalized watch list with charts and historical market data. Apart from stocks, users can also invest in ETF and cryptocurrencies.

4. 1Password

It is highly recommended to use different passwords for different accounts to secure yourself from cyber theft. But remembering several passwords can be a nightmare. Therefore using a password manager app is ideal. With 1Password users can maintain all their passwords in a database that is encrypted and secured by a single password.

5. Daily Water balance tracker

This is a hydration app that allows users to track their daily water intake and keep themselves hydrated. It is simple to use and logs water intake with just a tap. The app is a perfect solution for people who are too busy to remember to drink their daily 8 glasses of water.

6. NoWaste

This is a must-have app for people who buy food and forget to eat it before it goes bad. In order to get started, users have to choose the ingredients they have in their freezer, fridge or pantry from the library and the app will display information about by when the food must be consumed. You can also use the barcode scanner for making swift entries.

7. Lose It!

If you are watching your weight, then Lose it! will help you keep track of your calories. After providing basic profile details and your goal weight., the app will automatically calculate your daily calorie budget. Users can keep track of the food they eat by just taking a picture, using the barcode scanner or by scanning the database.

8. Headspace

This is a meditation app that will help you focus, relax and manage stress. It provides users with guided meditation lessons that aim to improve mindfulness and restore balance in one’s life. You can choose from hundreds of sessions spanning from 5 minutes to longer duration depending on your time availability.

9. Mint

It is one of the oldest yet the most popular budgeting app. It offers its users a plethora of options to track and manage their money. Mint automatically categorizes transactions made using linked credit/debit cards and provides a well-rounded picture of where you spend your money every month.

10. Todoist

This app is an answered prayer for people who have a zillion things to do. With Todoist you never have to fret about forgetting things as it remembers all your activities for you and lets you unclutter your mind. You can assign priority to each activity and also give it a due date. It also allows you to add notes to any task.

11. Handy

Managing a house may not always be a one person job. With Handy, you can hire various housekeeping services to get anything and everything done with a click of a button. Although the app is free, you will have to pay for the services you wish to hire people for.

Milan holds a Masters in Business Administration and has taken a self-inflicted exile from the paid workforce to look after her twin daughters. She is trying to find the answer to the most dreaded question of any stay-at-home mum,”What do you do?”

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