Excitement is Rising on the Eve of Ahli Islamic Qitaf’s Quarterly Draw

As a bank that stands for a customer-first approach, Ahli Islamic has always been a step ahead in defining engaging consumer programs. The Qitaf Saving Account, which is based on the Islamic Mudaraba principle, is one of such initiatives and awards a whopping RO 100,000 to one lucky winner every quarter, apart from several other weekly and monthly cash prizes.

Qitaf account holders are eligible to participate in the monthly, weekly, and special occasion prize draws if they maintain an average minimum balance of RO 100. However, the minimum eligibility criteria for the quarterly draw is RO 1,000. The Qitaf cash prize draw is conducted through a draw system, subject to a criteria set by the bank including the Sharia terms and principles as decided by the Sharia Supervisory Board of the bank.

Speaking about Qitaf – Yousuf Al Rawahi – DGM, Head of Ahli Islamic stated, “The Qitaf account not only encourages a savings culture among the people of Oman, but also offers customers the opportunity to invest their capital in profitable assets, while giving them a chance to win cash prizes! Reflection to its name and the value it brings to Ahli Islamic’s account holders, Qitaf has been instrumental in building a loyal customer base for the bank.” The third quarterly Qitaf draw will be held by end of this month and the details will be available on social media.

“As the Sultanate’s Islamic bank of choice, Ahli Islamic will continue to make available new and attractive ways to reward its customers; while encouraging them to adopt positive financial habits to realise their long-term goals.”
The quarterly draws offer a prize money of RO 100,000 each quarter to one winner across the Bank’s branch network. The monthly draws will be held in eight selected months of the year for a cash prize of RO 20,000 for each of the eight winners throughout the network of branches spread across the Sultanate. Qitaf’s weekly prize draws offer cash prizes for two winners from each branch of Ahli Islamic; with each winner being rewarded with RO 250 Additionally, a special prize draw will be held to mark the 50th National Day, rewarding 50 winners with RO 2,000 each.