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BLME Limelight

BLME Limelight is a video series featuring Oman’s Entrepreneurs, SMEs, MSMEs, Startups… Men and women who have bent norms, fought stereotypes and carved a niche for themselves. The series brings together entrepreneurs of flourishing micro-brands in Oman and showcases them under one roof.

BLME Limelight, a first of its kind video series, not only offers an overview into these businesses but also delves into people’s personalities. Find out what drives them. What motivates them. How did they get to where they are today.

Watch, and be inspired!

BLME Limelight: Episode 3 – Dr. Matlooba Al Zadjali, Founder – HVC Oman

With a whole bunch of impressive accolades under her belt, Dr. Matlooba Al Zadjali is a force to reckoned with. Dr. Matlooba has established the Tasweik Award winning SME, the International Specialized Centre for...
Haytham Al Balushi, Hayat’s Restaurant

BLME Limelight: Episode 2 – Haytham Al Balushi, Hayat’s Restaurant

Healthy Living is all the rage, and Haytham Al Balushi has his business recipe down to the T. A restaurateur who has not just understood the idea of a healthy lifestyle, but has been...

BLME Limelight: Episode 1 – Husain Baomar, CEO of SainBags

Environmental conservation is a pressing issue, and Mohammed Husain Baomar, CEO of SainBags is a front runner in Oman’s sustainability development initiative. This environmental juggernaut has founded Oman based SainBags under the company group...

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