BLME Limelight: Episode 2 – Haytham Al Balushi, Hayat’s Restaurant

Haytham Al Balushi, Hayat’s Restaurant

Healthy Living is all the rage, and Haytham Al Balushi has his business recipe down to the T. A restaurateur who has not just understood the idea of a healthy lifestyle, but has been one of the first to introduce it to Oman. Hayat’s Restaurant, through creative innovation, has given a tasteful spin to healthy dining. Offering a mix of Mediterranean, Asian, Intercontinental, and Middle Eastern flavours, these not fried – baked and grilled goodies are not just a treat for your mouth, but also for the eyes.

Founded by Haytham along with his brother Bassam, and childhood friends Nabil and Waleed – who unfortunately passed away before the opening of the restaurant, the restaurant, that lends its name from Haytham’s late father, is a product of camaraderie and consistent hard work.

Hayat’s offers a separate vegan menu and even a monthly meal plan for those committed to healthy eating. A must-have from their impressive menu is the cauliflower buffalo wings, where the sautéed cauliflower makes for an excellent substitute to meat. A restauranteur who dispels the notion that heathy can’t be tasty, Haytham teases out flavours from the unlikeliest of ingredients.

Whether you are a vegan or not, Haytham Al Balushi’s Hayat’s Restaurant should definitely be on your food radar!