BLME Limelight: Episode 3 – Dr. Matlooba Al Zadjali, Founder – HVC Oman

With a whole bunch of impressive accolades under her belt, Dr. Matlooba Al Zadjali is a force to reckoned with. Dr. Matlooba has established the Tasweik Award winning SME, the International Specialized Centre for Heart and Vascular Disease (HVC).  It is the first-ever center dedicated to Heart failure and Vascular diseases in the private sector in Oman.

HVC offers various services like vascular disease treatment, heart failure services, general cardiology services, cardiac fitness checkup, to name a few. Dr. Matlooba has tapped into a unique business model that concentrates on contracted cardiac fitness checkup, targeting mainly people working in corporates like banks and the oil and gas industry, along with services that are offered by other health clinics.

Recipient of the prestigious Award from American Society of Clinical Pharmacology for her Ph.D., Dr. Matlooba says, “I wanted to do something for my own people.” However, along with running the HVC, as a board member of Oman Heart Association, she also organizes events to spread awareness about heart diseases within the Sultanate.

Funded by Al Raffd Fund and Riyada, Dr. Matlooba’s international Specialized Centre for Heart and Vascular Disease (HVC), is a comprehensive care centre that not only helps strengthen Oman’s health care sector but also improve the lives of those living within the Sultanate.