Novartis Oman announces support to fight COVID-19, and commits to securing its drug supply

As global efforts to protect and prevent against the spread of COVID-19, Novartis in Oman, including all its divisions: Pharma, Oncology, and Sandoz, offered a donation of $75,000 to the Ministry of Health in Oman to support the national efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and its repercussions.

A key part of this endeavour is providing front-line support. Through its ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Novartis Oman is offering a fund to support in the provision of essential personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals (masks, gowns, goggles/glasses, face shields/ head covers) in addition to diagnostic PCR kits for COVID-19 tests. Novartis’s fund, will be managed by the Ministry of Health to ensure that support is directed towards government needs.

Novartis Oman confirmed their support for healthcare professionals and front-liners across the country, with Mohamed Ezz Eldin, President & Head of Gulf Cluster saying, “As a global healthcare company, we are deeply committed to supporting the fight against COVID-19 on all fronts. We are extremely grateful and proud of the medical community and front-liners who are working day and night to manage and treat COVID-19 patients. We understand the importance of standing together during these challenging times and will continue to work closely with the government and healthcare professionals to support them in saving lives.”