British Airways Halts All Cairo Flights for Seven Days

British airways plane; BA & Lufthansa flights to cairo suspended
Image: Shutterstock

(Bloomberg) — British Airways suspended all flights to Cairo for seven days to “allow for further assessment,” a day after the U.K. government raised its threat appraisal for travelers planning to visit Egypt. Germany’s Lufthansa also halted services to the capital, DPA reported.

The U.K. carrier said it reviews security arrangements at all its airports and has stopped flights to the city as a precaution.

“We would never operate an aircraft unless it was safe to do so,” the company said in a statement Saturday. DPA published a similar statement it said came from Lufthansa.

Several travelers planning to fly with BA commented on social media about the unexpected halt.

The U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned of a heightened risk of aviation terrorism in Egypt. There are additional security measures in place for flights from Egypt to Britain, according to the website.

The government advised against any travel to North Sinai, and all but the most essential travel to most areas in South Sinai.

Egypt will increase the number of flights as well as capacity to London throughout the duration of the suspension, according to a statement posted on the Ministry of Aviation’s Facebook page.