Sohar International Rolls Out Contactless Cards & POS Devices

contactless card sohar international

As part of their digital transformation strategy, Sohar International has rolled out its eco-system of contactless products to ease the transaction processes for its customers and merchants alike. Sohar International has been an early adopter of this technology within the country providing complete contactless solutions from the acquiring perspective through their unique POS devices; and day-to-day banking perspective through providing cards loaded with attractive features.

The contactless technology enables faster and easy transactions with just a single tap near merchant terminals or POS devices instead of the conventional method of dipping or swiping of the card resulting in longer wait time for the customer. This is an additional feature, while the traditional insert or swipe options of cards can still be availed.

For merchants, the new contactless POS devices bring greater value as it enhances the retail experience for their customers by offering them easy cashless transactions. The quick and easy method of transaction also helps merchants by commissioning speedier transactions enabling them take on mass payments in lieu of the regular nature of speed for conventional cards.

Speaking on launch of the new technology Abdulla Ahmed Al Anbori, AGM & Head Digital Banking at Sohar International said, “Sohar International has always been a leader in producing quality products and services by embracing the latest as well as upcoming technologies. With the launch of our Contactless Debit and Credit Cards, the Bank is taking cashless transactions a notch further and helps Sohar International’s customers to enjoy the enhanced experience of digital transactions. With this, Sohar International continuous its journey in taking forward the government’s efforts for Oman’s digital revolution.”

To use this service, the customers can look for the contactless symbol when paying for items at the merchants POS machine. The customers can then go ahead Touch/ Tap their contactless card against the symbol until the indicator light turns green. Upon successful payment, the machine will give out a beep. As an extra security measure, the customers may occasionally be asked to enter their PIN.

The service allows credit card transactions to the tune of RO 30 and debit card transactions up to RO 20 both local and international transactions. To secure the transactions even further, the Contactless Cards allow 5 PIN less transactions with the 6th transaction requesting for a CHIP & PIN.

Being constantly adaptive to newer technologies in terms of infrastructure with a view and objective of extending professional and efficient financial services to various segments of the society, Sohar International recently installed a ‘Recycler’ Cash Recycling (ATM) at the bank’s Azaiba Branch. It is also adding to the strategy to constantly enhance customer digital touch points.


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