Winners of RO100,000+ Announced in Sohar International’s Prize Scheme Monthly Draws

Sohar International recently revealed the winners of RO100,000, as part of its Monthly Draws’ under the Sohar|Prize Scheme, during the dedicated virtual event that was conducted on the Bank’s official Instagram page. Sharing the celebrations, the Bank also ensured that its valued followers tuning in live would also have the opportunity to win cash prizes worth a total of RO700 distributed amongst seven winners simply by answering few of the engaging questions during the stream.

Sustaining the momentum of mega prizes, and during the live stream, two customers from the General segment and two Wealth Management account holders won RO25,000 each in monthly prizes totalling RO100,000. Reaching out to customers across the Sultanate, the monthly Branch draws that took place separately, rewarded 31 winners who shared equally the prize money of RO31,000.

Khalil Al Hedaifi, Chief Retail Banking Officer said, “Expanding the digital footprint, Sohar International continues to redefine banking in Oman. The digital setting for the Sohar|Prize scheme 2020, provides an ideal platform to reach out to the maximum number of people within the nation, equipping them with the right knowledge and solutions in order to start their journey of saving – not only for themselves – but also for their families. As we sail across these challenging times, it is those who have saved that are capable to sustain the best, and weather such head winds. We therefore encourage all our customers to continue saving and, in that process, be rewarded as well through our Prize Scheme that offers weekly, monthly, and year end prize draws as well as special National Day and Women’s Day draws.”

Reiterating the Bank’s commitment to provide more vision, more velocity and more value in everything it does, the savings prize scheme is designed to maximise the number of winners and promote a healthy savings culture in Oman. During the event, Mr. Khalil spoke about the bank’s successful journey and its achievements as well as the Sohar|Prize Scheme 2020 along with benefits of cultivating the habit of saving.

In honour of special occasions of national significance, Sohar|Prize Scheme 2020 will also host the ‘Special Draws’ on Omani Woman’s Day, celebrated annually on October 17, offering 10 female customers a chance to win RO10,000 in total, while the 50th National Day draw will give away RO50,000 to its winners. The biggest prize of the year will be rewarded at the Year-End grand draws, giving RO400,000 to be shared equally between four customers; two from the General segment and two from the Wealth Management segment.

Keeping alive the tempo, the Bank rewards customers with Weekly Draws of RO5,500, Monthly Branch Draws of RO31,000, Monthly Salary Transfer Draws of RO10,000 and Monthly Youth Draws of RO2,000. The bank announces the names of all winners on its official pages on social media platforms and the website

Committed to championing the culture of maintaining savings, Sohar International is uniquely positioned to play a significant role in the socio-economic development of Oman. Scheme 2020 eligibility is open for accounts in Omani Rial as well as savings accounts maintained in AED, GBP, and USD. Those seeking to save without participating in the prize draws can choose an interest-bearing account instead.