Panasonic to unveil New VRF Air Conditioning System at The Big Show Oman 2016

Panasonic, one of the global leaders in efficient and innovative air-conditioning solutions, has launched its newest commercial air-conditioner, the FSV-EX (Flexi System VRF, Eco Extreme) in Oman in association with their local partner, Oman Marketing and Services Company LLC (OMASCO).
Panasonic FSV-EX is a new, ground breaking VRF System that has been engineered to take energy efficiency to an entirely different level. It will be showcased at The Big Oman Show from March 28th-31st 2016 at stand 441, Oman International Exhibition Centre, Muscat.
FSV EX delivers the highest EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating in all outdoor capacities with an industry leading EER of 5.3 for the 8 HP model. It is also highly durable with powerful cooling even when operating at high ambient temperatures and has an operation range of up to 52°C.
Some of the key innovations of the FSV-EX that dramatically reduce energy costs include new large capacity all-inverter compressors, enlarged heat exchanger surface with triple-surface, newly designed curved air discharge bell-mouth for better aerodynamics
& superior oil recovery management.
Taniguchi Kei, Director, Appliances Department, PMMAF said, “The market for VRFs in recent years has been expanding, owing to several factors, including its efficiency, increasing market familiarity and the return of investment confidence in infrastructure projects. We are expecting the market to become further conducive to the proliferation of the VRF technology. Our new FSV-EX system is the most advanced solution to the demands of region’s discerning customers.”
Arun Damodar, Product Manager – Appliances Department, PMMAF commented “Panasonic aims to develop products that fully address customers’ needs and provide comfortable, healthy and reliable air-conditioning all over the world. Keeping sustainable energy benefits in mind, we have introduced the FSV-EX VRF System which is an ideal product for a booming realty market like UAE as well as the rest of the region.”
He continued, “FSV-EX is a highly energy efficient product with the industry leading EER hence our target here are all the stakeholders involved in the design and construction of buildings – Consultants, Contractors, Architects & Real Estate Developers. The FSV-EX is not only aimed at maximum savings but easy integration into projects too.”
Mr. Kishore Chandrasekharan, Assistant General Manager-Projects & Enterprise Sales, Omasco believes that diversification of business into products and solutions will be the key to its success in the near future.
He says, “Air conditioners, in particular VRF systems, are becoming more and more popular in Oman. With the introduction of the new Panasonic FSV EX VRF Systems at The Big Show 2016, we intend to be the market leader in this category as well. The fact that Panasonic room air conditioners are the no.1 air conditioners in the country also will help the success of FSV EX. These products would be sold through our strong AC Projects (ACPD) sales teams as a separate business category. BIG SHOW 2016 will be a platform for showcasing this new product category and also will be a catalyst in growing our sales in this category which will identify with every customer in the construction industry.”
“The building and construction industry is comparatively very stable in Oman. We believe that our strategies will spread into new areas and avenues, enhancing further growth.”

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