Omantel collaborates with Siemens to bring smart digital solutions in Healthcare

Omantel has joined hands with Siemens to bring smart solutions (smart hospitals) to the country’s healthcare sector.

Omantel aims to use its expansive state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure to bring advanced solutions to healthcare practitioners and provide better outcomes for the patients.

Siemens, a robust name in infrastructure digitalization among many other specialties, showcased the advanced capabilities of eHealth & Smart City Solutions at Omantel’s 3rd Annual ICT Summit which took place in November.

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Commenting on the partnership, Eng. Baha Allawati, VP of Omantel’s Enterprise Unit said, “At Omantel, we always keep the people at the heart of our plans toward achieving a digitally enriched society. Healthcare is a growing critical sector with a host of advanced technologies being introduced to benefit patients and healthcare institutions alike. we continue to boast various state-of-the-art technologies in telecommunications, digital transformation, IT, innovative services and smart solutions, and it was only natural that these assets be optimally utilized to further strengthen the health sector with such solutions. As such, we are pleased to partner with Siemens, a global leader in providing tailored ICT solutions for the healthcare sector”.

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Claudia Vergueiro Massei, CEO of Siemens Oman said, “The demand for healthcare services is growing. Patients have ever-increasing expectations about the quality of healthcare treatments and services. Not only that, researches show that the building environment can impact the healing process – comfortable spaces help patients recover faster and allows the staff to work more efficiently. Our digital solutions allow us to revolutionize hospitals on the human, financial and operational levels. We are therefore pleased with the opportunity provided to us with this important partnership with the leading telecom operator in the Sultanate to support its citizens and residents to have access today to the patient care of tomorrow.”

The tie-up stands to hugely benefit the public and private healthcare sectors as it opens the doors to host of revolutionizing solutions aimed at enhancing productivity, boosting efficiently and flexibility, transparency, compliance, safety and security.

To achieve these goals under the defined scope, the partnership will work together using four broad cases: improved patient outcomes through circadian lighting, improved staff productivity through patient tracking and asset tracking and quicker information on emergencies.

Circadian lighting regulates activity patterns of the brain in humans as per natural light available in the 24-hour pattern. Simulating circadian lighting in healthcare has shown proven results with improved patient performance to treatment, health and safety.

A tracking system will help monitor the patient in and out of the healthcare facility, and will be able to inform/warn health institutions about emergencies, if any.

Asset tracking systems, meanwhile, is a digital way to track inventory across departments in hospitals and clinics and reduce costs due to loss, damage, and theft. These systems improve the inventory management processes, thus saving precious time and enhancing staff productivity.

With these introductions, Omantel will be successfully integrating ICT with public service through healthcare in Oman.