Oman’s 5G Digital Transformation

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Oman has climbed aboard the 5G train. The Sultanate is making commendable efforts to modify the country’s structure according to advancing world standards. Oman has been rapidly diversifying its economy, and 5G might be the network base that solidifies the foundation of industries within this mission. Oman is spearheading this facet of digital transformation and is making the future a reality with 5G use cases.

What is 5G?

5G or fifth-generation of internet connectivity is a successor of the 4G network. Compared to its predecessor, 5G will provide much better network connectivity, faster internet, and wider network coverage. It’ll enable more devices to use the internet simultaneously, as compared to 4G. On a good day, 4G mobile networks provide a speed of up to 45Mbps, but 5G is set to reach 10 to 20 times higher browsing and download speeds.

How is 5G taking shape in Oman?

With many countries expressing plans to launch 5G within this year or next, Oman was soon to follow. The Sultanate has taken up this task, in order to take this step towards digital transformation. 5G will soon become the standardized network preference for a majority of countries, and 5G is Oman’s fruitful attempt at standing shoulder to shoulder with its counterparts.

What will the 5G infrastructure be?

Oman’s expansive landscape has left some areas of the country with poor network services. The population that resides in rural areas and outskirts of Oman do not have access to fast internet. Perhaps the main challenge for 5G would be to fine comb the locations and conquer the wide terrain. Thousands of network towers have to be built, to reap maximum benefits from 5G. The Sultanate, however, is willing to provide full support for 5G implementation. Oman Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) has been the middle man, working with government authorities to readily provide the required permits for building these network towers.

Oman’s 5G Digital Transformation
The First Smart City project of Oman underway powered by 5G

How is 5G beneficial to Oman?

  • Technological innovation

5G is a vital ingredient in the fulfillment of Oman’s journey towards complete digital transformation. The various services provided by 5G will open new doors for Oman’s technology. It will help boost innovation in the Sultanate and bring forth new technological advancements that will be beneficial to the country.

  • Industrial Infrastructure

Oman’s economic diversification has given rise to new industries. These industries and even the already established ones will benefit greatly from the use of 5G. 5G’s improved network connectivity will not only facilitate smooth industry operations but also enhance customer experiences. Arriving just in time with the advent of Oman’s fourth industrial revolution, 5G is a sure-fire way to ensure the continued growth of Oman’s industries and economy.

  • Public Services

5G is not just a tool for industrial growth, but rather a technology that will improve other aspects of the Sultanate as well. The population that currently may not receive the best network connectivity will be able to keep up with changing times, educating them about the present conditions. It will also help its users receive quicker medical attention or even an over-the-phone diagnosis. In times of calamity, 5G will help to provide a quick response to calls of distress.

5G is a technological greenhouse that will help various different areas of the Sultanate flourish within its canopy. Whether it be oil and gas sector, industries, digital transformation, public welfare or overall economic growth – they will all benefit from the implementation of 5G in Oman.

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