Oman One of Four New Markets for Logistics Company Shipa Delivery

CEO of Shipa Delivery
Borhene Ben Mena, CEO, Shipa Delivery

UAE-based technology-first logistics provider, Shipa Delivery has opened its doors to Oman. In a media release, the company announced that it will be providing on-demand, same-day, and next-day deliveries to customers in Oman.

Apart from Oman, Ship Delivery is also looking to target other markets in the GCC, namely Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. ‘As elsewhere in the Middle East region,’ stated the release, ‘demand is surging in Oman among enterprises and consumers for more reliable, convenient, and affordable deliveries of in-store and online purchases and parcels of all sizes from credit cards to furniture.’

This trend was foreseen by the company’s CEO, Borhene Ben Mena when he established the technology-driven, last-mile delivery operations out of Dubai, with funding and support from Agility, one of the region’s largest logistics providers.

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Versatile Delivery Provider

“We designed the Shipa Delivery business specifically for the Middle East market,” said Ben Mena. “Our technology, customer service, and understanding of these markets are what set us apart. We make life simpler for businesses and consumers.”

With more than one million packages already delivered and an established reputation as the region’s most versatile, easy-to-use delivery provider, Shipa Delivery’s entry into Oman should be a welcome arrival for the country’s banks, telecom providers, pharmacies, and etailers, along with other enterprises selling online. These are the types of enterprise in the UAE that have come to trust the company as a partner for the safe, reliable, and efficient transportation of products to their customers.

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“These businesses know that their reputations are on the line with deliveries. Their delivery providers are often the only physical touch point they have with their customers, so everything must go right to ensure customer satisfaction,” Ben Mena said.

Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

In addition to easy booking, Shipa Delivery offers online dashboards, analytics, and APIs to help businesses manage deliveries and analyze performance. It also works with e-commerce companies to simplify fulfillment from warehousing through to delivery and payment processing.

The benefits for end users include two-hour delivery windows, a range of payment options, and a customer service team available both online and by phone. Shipa Delivery’s digital platform and apps provide live delivery updates and real-time tracking, improved address locations, digital self-service, and customized delivery and reporting.

Globally, the last-mile delivery market was worth an estimated $30 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to $55 billion by 2025, according to The Market Reports.

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