Renewable Energy – Oman’s Clean Step into The Future

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Implementation of renewable energy resources are on the rise, and Oman is not far behind. The price of oil in Oman rose by 1.32 Dollars yesterday, and the continued price hike tied in with the depletion of oil reserves puts the oil industry on uncertain terms.

Oman’s Renewable Energy Initiative

With the oil & gas sector faring unevenly, the government of Oman is looking into clean and renewable energy sources. Oman has expressed plans to utilize more renewable energy resources by the year 2030. As part of its commitment to the same, the Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER) launched Sahim, under the National Solar Energy Initiative.

Renewable energy is arguably the most efficient way to transition towards a sustainable future. Hence, the Sahim initiative’s mission is to raise awareness about the importance of reducing carbon emissions. The project’s main objective is to enable the use of solar energy in order to generate electricity.

Renewable Energy - Oman's Clean Step into The Future

Solar Powered Residential Units

The Sultanate of Oman has unveiled plans to install photovoltaic solar power panels in residential units. Residents are open to register for the installation of solar panels. The initiative has pledged to install the panels in 1,000 residential units as part of its first phase. Provided at a considerable low cost, the 3-5 kilo-waltz (KW) panel’s installation will be covered by external investors.

This added bonus will help push the sustainability agenda and kick start a successful campaign for the use of clean energy in Oman. Cost efficiency is the name of the game, and it is sure to invite a massive number of willing participants. Many Omanis know the importance of renewable energy and sustainable environment, and Sahim is the Government’s way of facilitating their eco-consciousness.

Market for SME’s

Additionally, this step will also open a new market for budding SME’s in Oman. With a handful of them existing at the moment, the Sahim initiative will enable local Omani SME’s to establish themselves in the renewable energy market, with the support of the Omani authorities. This will ensure the parallel building of employment opportunities and a stronger economic base, alongside Oman’s importance in the renewable energy race.