Sohar International Introduces State-of-the-Art POS Device  

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With a purpose to make people and organizations win, each in their respective manner, Sohar International recently introduced its point of sale (POS) services with a state-of-the-art device, enabling merchants to make the best of what the service has to offer. The new POS device unlocks huge potential for digital payments among merchants and empowers corporate customers to easily carry out and track sales through all types of transactions.

Commenting on the launch of the new product, Mr. Khalil Al Hedaifi, Chief Retail Banking Officer, elucidated: “At Sohar International, we are always focused on improving customer experience by building innovative easy-to-use solutions that provide more value, more velocity and more vision to their banking. Our new POS device is yet another instance of our attempt to bring an exceptional digital solution with unparalleled features in order to serve our corporate clientele with a complete suite of products and services that help them win.”

The devices come with an array of industry-first features, thereby providing a convenient and reliable POS service for its business clients. Mr. Abdullah Al Anburi – AGM & Head of Digital Banking averred: “Sohar International’s POS solution is built keeping with our promise to provide responsive banking solutions and help our customers reach any goal. By understanding changing requirements of businesses and individuals alike, we have integrated the highest global standards into the service to make sure we are in a strong position to help customers win and to remain always relevant to their banking needs and changing lifestyles.”

Sohar International’s new POS service comes with an Android operating system, a big and highly responsive touch screen, easy online downloads and updates, and an intuitive user interface. The service is designed to fit the needs of every business, by supporting various modes of interaction, including Contactless NFC, QR Codes, mobile payment, chip reader and magnetic reader. The advanced POS device offered by Sohar International can also be used by merchants for bill calculation, payment acceptance, and receivables recording. It also comes with a dedicated POS merchant portal, where merchants can run reports based on past sales.

Continuing to play a pioneering role in introducing digital innovations to accelerate the nation’s shift towards becoming a digital economy, and ensuring maximum integration of its digital solutions, Sohar International’s POS device also accepts payments from eFloos, a digital mobile wallet app that enables quick, secure, and easy payments through smartphone instead of using cash or card.