Oman: A Noah’s Ark for Data Storage and Recovery

The Sultanate enjoys an advantages geographical placement. This coupled with Oman’s peaceful socio-political and economic climate, make it an ideal digital centre for disaster recovery services, according to the Information Technology Authority (ITA).

What are Disaster Recovery Services?

Oman has offered to store backups of important data for its neighbouring countries. In the case of natural disasters, accidental fires, or cyber-attacks, should the data be lost, it can be recovered from Oman’s data storage centre. This would cut down the time and effort that would otherwise go into reviving critical data.

How will it impact Oman’s economy?

Oman’s Implementation, Support and Follow-up Unit (ISFU), that is also overseeing the Sultanate’s Tanfeedh initiative for economic diversification, estimates private and public investments of about OMR25 million. The disaster recovery project was introduced at the “ICT and Fourth Industrial Revolution Lab” event held by the Ministry of Transport and Communication, and ITA, in association with ISFU during February – March 2019. The event projected employment of over 2,000 Omanis, and training programs participation of 9,000, by the year 2024. The Disaster Recovery Services project is estimated to generate 850 jobs, as of now.

Oman: A Noah's Ark for Data Storage and Recovery

How will the Data Recovery Centres work?

Oman’s Data Recovery Centres will be synced with central data centres and the companies responsible for data upload, in order to keep data backups up to date. In the case of natural disasters or any other calamity leading to a wipeout of data, the data stored in Oman’s storage centre will prevent the loss of information. Moreover, Oman’s connection to the Asia-Africa-Europe cable, a link that connects over 6 billion people via the internet, makes it a frontrunner for providing data recovery services.

Who is supporting the Data Recovery Centre project?

  • Information Technology Authority (ITA)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)
  • Implementation, Support and Follow-up Unit (ISFU)
  • Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development (Ithraa)

Establishing a data recovery centre will not only bring with it, major investments, but also generate sizeable revenues for Oman. A part of the growing ICT sector, the data recovery centre will help strengthen the Sultanate’s stance as an IT hub.