Omantel Bags the EIPM Peter Kraljic Prize Award

In another achievement that reinforces its leading position in the Omani market, Omantel Procurement and Contracts sector has bagged EIPM Peter Kraljic Excellence Prize Awards presented by the European Institute for Purchasing Management in “Transformation Leader in Turbulent times” category.

The EIPM-Peter Kraljic Prize Awards recognizes the excellence of Purchasing organisations that act as role models, delivering outstanding performance to their company and demonstrating high level of creativity, innovation and respect for the environment and society. This year prize are presented for three categories namely Master of Business Continuity, Transformation Leader in Turbulent Times Resilience & Visionary Leadership.

Commenting on this achievement, Yaqoub Mubarak Al Kayoumi, General Manager of Procurement and Contracts at Omantel said “We are proud to receive this prestigious Prize, which came in recognition of the achievement made during very difficult time of COVID 19 pandemic. Our performance has paid well for all stakeholders and contributed to enhancing the growth of our national economy”.

“The Prize Award focuses on how purchasing organisations have contributed to restoring the continuity of business activities, recovering high level of performance rapidly, regaining business advantage, supporting employees and society and delivered value to all stakeholders in a timely manner’, he added.

The Peter Kraljic Prize are among the most prestigious international Prize which are presented by the European Institute of Purchasing Management, an executive center dedicated to applied research, education and training in purchasing and supply chain management.

In this year edition, the Prize focused on the outstanding practices and results achieved by the procurement and contracts function during the Covid 19 pandemic, through several pillars including the achievements and social initiatives undertaken by Omantel in 2020 and how the procurement and contracts sector supported these initiatives, CSR initiatives during COVID-19 to provide free benefits and services and the participation of procurement and contracts in processing these services. The Prize also assessed the procurement and contracts own initiatives in 2020 beyond regular operation and the challenges faced.

The Prize comes in recognition to Omantel efforts to deal with evolving challenges and its agility and ability to change. It also recognizes Omantel’s employees ability to adapt to various circumstances using technological and digital advancements.