HEC Paris in Qatar – Impact and Excellence

Ranked #2 worldwide for Executive Education in 2020 and #1 for International Executive MBA in 2019 by the Financial Times, HEC Paris celebrates its 10th anniversary in Qatar this year.

HEC Paris joined Qatar Foundation in 2010 with the objective of bringing world-class Executive Education programmes and research activity to Qatar and the region. And if its journey thus far is anything to go by then there’s scope for immense optimism in the coming decade. With every passing year, HEC Paris continues to work relentlessly on its vision and mission to build corporate competitiveness within the global economy and support the transformation of Qatar into an advanced, competitive and knowledge-based economy. The institution’s programmes and research activities are fully aligned with Qatar National Vision 2030.

The appointment of Dr. Pablo Martin de Holan as Dean of HEC Paris in Qatar represents the start of an exciting and ambitious era for the institution which will be based on two pillars: impact and excellence, guaranteeing a development of existing and new programs with the world-class quality standards of HEC Paris.

“Real change, the kind that creates a real and sustainable impact is rarely achieved by following the status quo. It takes a special kind of individual to want to do things differently to make a difference and dare to learn. “HEC Paris, with almost 140 years of delivering impact and excellence in education is proud to have alumni
who have strived, successfully so, to make an impact and learned to dare.” said Dr. Pablo Martin de Holan.

He further added: “Going forward, we will work with the local and regional business community to make the next decade even more successful than the previous one for HEC Paris in Qatar. We will do so with a strong focus on entrepreneurship, women-in-leadership and innovation.”

Going by its list of achievements in the last 10 years, one can safely say that HEC Paris’ watershed moment in Qatar came in 2011 when it launched the country’s first international EMBA. The International Executive MBA (EMBA), ranked #1 by the Financial Times in 2019, is aimed at providing executives with a set of fundamental skills to expand their knowledge and leadership capabilities. It is a practical and intense 15 to 18-month programme developed to provide participants with an understanding of the social, economic and environmental aspects of international business, as well as the skills to implement their vision. The second degree programs offered by HEC Paris in Qatar is the Specialized Master’s in Strategic Business Unit Management, which is also delivered in a flexible 15 to 18-month modular format starting with a core curriculum focused on strategy, finance, leadership and change.

However, the significance of HEC Paris is not just limited to its degree programs. Its award- winning custom-designed programs, also offered in Qatar, have also been gaining traction in recent times and were ranked #2 worldwide by the Financial Times in 2020. A wide range of these programmes are now available online. In addition to that, the institution’s alumni network was ranked #1 by The Economist in 2019, so it comes as no surprise that its members are not shy about expressing themselves when asked to give an account of their experiences.

“I felt HEC Paris in Qatar was the perfect place to continue my journey as it enabled me to fulfil my career goals,” said Amna Mohammed Al-Naama, Project Manager at ASTAD and a participant of the Specialized Master’s 2018 batch. And Jamila Ismaili Hutchinson, Market & Business Manager at Sasol Qatar and participant of the International Executive MBA 2020 batch, praised the flexible nature of the programme. “The way this programme is delivered across weekends certainly provides the perfect balance between my work, family and educational commitments,” said Jamila.

Established in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, HEC Paris is a founding member of Université Paris-Saclay. It features a faculty of 160 full-time professors, more than 4,000 students and over 8,000 managers and executives in training each year.