Facebook knows more about you than you do. Here’s how


Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke out, it has raised a lot of doubts about the privacy of users on Facebook. Plus, the credibility of the company has been affected. A lot of people are worried about how Facebook has been snooping on them all this while. But should they at all be worried? To a certain degree, yes and here’s why:

Facebook knows how you look

Without your friend even tagging your name, Facebook can recognise your face and make a suggestion to your friend about tagging you. Many are claiming the recent viral 10-year challenge campaign was nothing but a conspiracy by Facebook to data mine users and upgrade its facial recognition software.  

It even knows where you have been

Want to show off where all you have been by using the check-in feature of Facebook? Think again, Facebook has all the info of where all you have travelled and can even share it with friends or people you may know nearby. After all, you don’t want a friend request from any uninvited guests tonight, right?

It can track your major life events

Some of us put info out there on Facebook like ‘just married’ or ‘engaged’. While others put a status of ‘just graduated’. Guess what? You have ‘just’ given another of your life event for Facebook to use and advertise tons of brands or marketing campaigns.

It knows your past and present

You don’t want to bump into any unwanted people from your past. Sadly, Facebook has a list of all the people you had befriended and unfriended over the years, which can leave a bad taste in your memories.

Every comment, like and share is there

Yes, right from the very first message to announce to the world that you are on Facebook to your recent post, the company has every nook and cranny of your social media habits on Facebook.

Your private chats might be public

In the wake of fake news, political propaganda and paid news, Facebook has recently informed that it will be scanning conversations of people on Messenger. So, the next time you chat on messenger, watch what you chat.

How do I get access to all this information?

It’s simple. All you have to do is to download it from your Facebook account. Here’s how you access all that info.   

What are your views on Facebook? We’d love to hear.


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