ASYAD launches dedicated call-centre for ports customers

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ASYAD Group, Oman’s integrated logistics provider, has launched a dedicated call centre to augment its customer services for their growing number of national, regional and global clients across their ports, including Duqm, Salalah and Sohar as well as the ports operated by Marafi in Suwaiq, Khasab, Shinas, and Sultan Qaboos Port.

The new call centre will be a round-the-clock one and will act as the epicentre for all customer inquiries with the aim to ensure swift information dispensation for each port. This includes addressing queries with real-time updates on shipment status, customs clearance and freight forwarding.

ASYAD Group CEO Abdulrahman al Hatmi announced the launch and said, “The launch of a dedicated call centre, staffed 24 hours a day, is yet another example of how ASYAD’s ports offering is growing from strength to strength — delivering enhanced customer service and improving operational efficiencies, while ensuring that the Sultanate continues to benefit from increased international investment, economic development and commercial diversification.”

Al Hatmi, added: “ASYAD Call Centre will not only be limited to improve customer services at ports but it also has been designed to meet our clients’ needs at different logistics activities across the sector in the future.”

The logistics provider has over the past three years implemented a series of new measures that have contributed to its improved performance. These include port-handling and customs clearance times, making Oman’s ports amongst the fastest growing in the region.