The Oman Air Renaissance – Reinvention is Key

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Founded in 1993, this 4-star airline has been the leading airline in the Sultanate of Oman. Oman Air has climbed the ranks and has witnessed massive growth over the years. Owing to this fact, the airline has helped Muscat garner some much-needed attention and increased air traffic for Oman. This, in turn, has aided in supporting the commercial, industrial, and most importantly, the tourism sectors.

The Oman Air Renaissance - Reinvention is Key

Destinations and Network

Oman Air flies to numerous well-known destinations like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, Madina, and Kuwait, in the Gulf region, the airline flies to India, Bangkok, China, Nairobi, London, etc. Widening its reach from Gulf to the entire MENA region and from Far-East to Europe. The carrier’s rapidly broadening destination network lays testimony to its rise amongst the aircraft ranks.

Oman Air boasts an impressive fleet of aircraft:

  • Three Boeing 787-8
  • Five 787-9 Dreamliners
  • Six Airbus 330-300s
  • Four Airbus 330-200s
  • Five Boeing 737-900s
  • 21 Boeing 737-800
  • Four Embraer 175s
  • Five 737 MAX

The airline’s total fleet size is expected to be around 70, by 2022.

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Services and Satisfaction

With them fast becoming the face of Oman tourism, the airline, just like Muscat’s airport, has been reinventing themselves. Known for its excellent customer service, Oman Air has an excellent onboard product. It’s First Class Private Suite and Apex Suites are truly noteworthy, with amenities that cater to all. The airline has also redesigned their uniforms, showing that attention to minute details is well within their scope of capabilities.

The Oman Air Renaissance - Reinvention is Key

Oman Air’s Campaigns

Oman Air has also recently launched a new corporate brand video, that showcases the various remarkable services and features of the airline, interspersed with sweeping landscapes of Oman. Accurately summarized by the different states it will leave you in.

Despite being the de facto patriarch of the Omani skies, the airline holds numerous campaigns and holiday-packages to thrust Oman into the global forefront, and their steady enhancements seem to be the most effective campaign of them all.