UAE Mulls Labour Restrictions On Countries Not Evacuating Citizens

The UAE’s Human Resources and Emiratisation Ministry is mulling several options, including the imposition of restrictions on recruitment of labour from nations denying re-entry of their nationals currently employed in UAE’s private sector.

According to the WAM, the options include imposing strict future restrictions on the recruitment of workers from these countries and activating the ‘quota’ system in recruitment operations.

The options also include suspending memoranda of understanding (MoU) signed between the ministry and the countries refusing to evacuate their citizens.

Last week, the UAE government had announced an early leave initiative for employees in private sectors, should they wish to return to their home country because of the situation caused by the pandemic.

A source from the ministry was quoted as saying that these options are being considered as a result of many countries having denied citizens back into their home country, citing reasons that the citizens were taking early leave and that their services were terminated due to the upheaval caused by Covid-19.

According to the source, the ministry is clear that all nations of expatriates living and working in the UAE should be responsible for their nationals wishing to return to their countries as part of the humanitarian initiative launched recently by the Ministry in association with other government entities.