Wadi Hased, Oman – An Ideal Tourist Destination for Camping

Wadi Hased in the Wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bu Ali in the Governorate of South A’Sharqiyah is one of the beautiful valleys in attracting tourists from inside and outside the wilayat. It is an important site for family picnic or for individuals and tour groups that like desert nature and details of life in the beautiful badiya.

Wadi Hased is located in the east of the Wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bu Ali. It is about 25 kilometers away from the wilayat. It is the closest to the center of the wilayat as it falls in the center of the wilayat’s areas and other valleys.

The villages adjacent to Wadi Hased have beautiful names, such as “Al Salaba,” “Qaran Dhabi,” “Shubat Al Oudin,” “Seeh A’Sama”, “Al Ghina,” “Sharm Al Nakhla” and “Aqida” among other beautiful places that are important, especially where each place differs from other places.

The elements of desert nature located in Wadi Hased reflect a quiet life lived by the people or the visitor to this place. There are sand dunes that have various formations, as well as the mountains surrounding the valley that give beauty to the scene, along with scattered trees of the locally called “Al Ghaf,” in the corners of the valley that tell of a wonderful natural beauty.

Hased Fort is located in the center of the valley, near Seeh Al Sama. It is one of the old forts that are built of plaster, gravel and mud, surrounded by sand dunes and remains of old houses. The fort reflects the skills of Omani architecture, especially in the construction of forts that have a security dimension and a fence to protect the place in the distant past.

Wadi Hased represents an important tourist destination for the Wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bu Ali due to its proximity to the city center on one hand and environmental diversity on the other hand. One can see the tents of tourists scattered there, which indicate that the valley is an important tourist destination.

The shadows of Al Ghaf trees are a real pleasure for nature lovers, alongside the sand dunes that are constantly being frequented by tourists. These factors contribute to the success of hiking and enjoying the elements of nature in Wadi Hased. The valleys of the Wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bu Ali are generally a favourite place for hiking and recreation for visitors from within or outside the Sultanate.

Al-Sa’edi said that the visitor or tourist of Wadi Hased can see the life of the Bedouins, and can see camel convoys in all directions because of the fertile and appropriate nature, especially in times of rainfall where animals of various kinds come to the valley for grazing and water. Many cattle stables scatter in the valley at certain times where camels and livestock go out for grazing.

The residents of Wadi Hased use groundwater wells for irrigation. One can see them along the valley in the places where rainwater flows. This water is fresh and potable and used for irrigation of plantations. It is famous for its palm trees and other seasonal field crops, such as alfalfa on which livestock depend on their food among other plantations.

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