Giti Tire’s Green Manufacturing Contributes Towards a Better Environment


Committed towards environmental protection, Giti Tire’s green manufacturing contributes towards a better environment. As a global manufacturer with eight factories located in China, Indonesia and the USA, Giti Tire focuses strongly on environmental production. In addition to improving automation, reducing waste, and improving the use of resources, Giti Tire also strives for constant environmental improvement in each of its production centres.

Giti Tire factories use a unified GES manufacturing management system, combining quality management, environmental protection and safe production, to form a high-performance and standardized system of production and operation, along with quality-control management. Giti’s factories comply with strict local environmental and manufacturing laws and regulations, from design, construction, to production. Additionally, they have acquired national certifications of quality management, environmental management, and occupation health and safety management systems.

Giti’s Green Manufacturing

The Singapore-based Giti has built a world-class standardized tire manufacturing process that integrates high-standard manpower, raw materials, equipment and craftsmanship, to create better and safer tires, with continuous innovation.

More than 70% of the production equipment, logistics, and storage in the newly-built Giti U.S. factory are fully automated, which significantly improves the production efficiency of the assembly line, reducing and controlling the emission of pollutants.

While achieving rapid growth in terms of business, Giti has a critical focus on sustainable development. The company is dedicated to the development of energy saving technology and products. Giti owns a completely integrated green supply chain system, adheres to the policy of environmental protection for all employees, to maintain cleaner production, and relies on the three principles of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.

Contribution to Environment

Giti’s efforts have resulted in a 47% decrease in fresh water usage and a 22% reduction in coal usage between 2011 and 2017, as well as increased efficiency through automation and conservation. Furthermore, Giti Tire has planted numerous trees and is partaking in various conservation efforts in its local communities.

The company, in a partnership agreement with Conservation International (CI), pledged USD $1 million for its conservation projects. Additional funds were allocated for projects in Indonesia, China and other regions of the world. Giti Tire has funded programs that focus on marine initiatives, zoonotic diseases, and China forest standards to support environmental protection and sustainable development. These initiatives have enabled Giti Tire to conserve about 100 years of carbon emissions that would result from coal burning at Giti Tire plants.

Giti Tire is represented in the Sultanate of Oman by Eint Automotive LLC, a division of the Towell Group. Giti Tire includes a complete range for virtually every kind of vehicle, from high-performance cars, luxury sedans, crossovers and SUVs to buses, light and commercial trucks.

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