Bank Nizwa in association with Ministry of Health organizes blood donation drive

Bank Nizwa, in association with the Ministry of Health’s Department of Blood Services, organized a blood donation drive in direct response to the blood shortage in the Governorate of Muscat and other areas across the Sultanate. Demonstrating its commitment to give back to the community, the drive was the fifth to be held by the bank’s corporate social responsibility program ‘Masoliyati’ since its inception over three years ago.
Dr. Ashraf Al Nabhani, General Manager Corporate Support said, “The spirit of volunteerism exhibited by our staff and all participating donors was heartwarming and a true reflection of what Masoliyati is all about. It was inspiring to see the donors’ drive, passion and dedication to support this social cause and have the opportunity to save a life in the process.”
Launched in 2014, Bank Nizwa’s ‘Masoliyati’ program is a volunteering platform that is centered on the theme of ‘Responsibility’, providing the bank’s employees with the opportunity to champion charitable initiatives across the Sultanate. To date, the program has successfully conducted several volunteer projects including Iftar Sa’em outreach programs during the month of Ramadan, beach clean-ups to preserve and protect Oman’s picturesque coastline in addition to blood donation drives, aimed to support the Ministry of Health’s efforts to increase blood donations.

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