GPF Introduces a New Era of AI-Based Global Digital Real Estate Lending

GPF Introduces a New Era of AI-Based Global Digital Real Estate Lending
GPF Introduces a New Era of AI-Based Global Digital Real Estate Lending

Global Property Finance wants to create the Alibaba of Commercial Real Estate Financing, connecting Global Borrowers and Lenders.

COVID-19 has brought a multitude of changes to today’s business landscape. The staggering growth in online business with an immediate need for convenience has caused global ecommerce to increase dramatically. In fact, a report by the International Monetary Fund entitled “The Promise of Fintech” stated that restrictions of movement caused by COVID-19 have increased the advantages of spreading digital financial services. Keeping this in mind, GPF is formed.

GPF, or Global Property Finance, having offices in London (UK) & Dubai (UAE), is a multifaceted cloud-based commercial real estate financing platform, connecting global borrowers with global lenders. GPF uses AI and Data Analytics technology with a human touch to bring a seamless experience for borrowers and lenders in a complex and diverse real estate financing world.

“GPF wants to create the Alibaba of commercial real estate financing, where borrowers will be able to raise capital for their global assets from one platform, fast and efficiently. GPF is building the largest network of lenders with a keen emphasis on digital lending. The platform helps to raise full capital stack including senior and junior debt, private and preferred equity, and financing through joint ventures. GPF brings immense value for its clients from its deep knowledge of the CRE financing sector, lending network, and deal structuring capabilities.” said Chirag Goyal, Founder and CEO of GPF.

GPF uses AI for borrowers and lenders matchmaking, this results in quicker turn-around time for both parties. For borrowers, they can quickly apply for financing through their desktop, tablet or mobile device. Once they are in the flow, they can communicate in real-time, stay up-to-date on the status of their loan and receive gentle reminders when outstanding tasks need to be completed. From application to closing, they will always stay connected and in the loop.

For lenders, GPF provides in-house underwritten deals and a low cost of origination. Lenders close more deals on a monthly basis and increase their efficiency as GPF analyses the deals before presenting it to them, and hence increases the chances of getting the deal financed.

GPF has taken online borrowing and lending up a notch, through innovative in-house technology merged with a deep knowledge of the commercial real estate market. In a time of uncertainty, it’s the digital disruptors that set trends for the future.