How to Dress to Impress The Workforce


Suit up! It’s time to take over the corporate world, one power suit at a time. A new age work environment calls for a revised wardrobe. So, trade in your suede elbow patches and pencil skirts and settle into something a little more ‘in with the program’.

Here are a few tips on how to dress to impress the workforce:

Different Places, Different Dressing Rules

The work setting of lets say a stockbroker may be drastically different from that of an IT specialist. Different workplaces have different pre-set rules for dressing, so it would be wise to assess one’s environment before choosing an outfit of the day (#OOTD). Some sectors, for example, health or banking, require for you to wear formal wear in order to display a sense of responsibility and invoke trust in its clientele, given the sensitivity of the information that such sectors handle. Observe the dressing pattern generally followed by your fellow colleagues to build your workplace aesthetic.

Comfort Over Fashion

We all love to follow the latest seasonal trends, but are they practical? That latest blouse from high-end labels may turn heads, but would you be comfortable turning your own? Not to mention the short shelf life of fast fashion pieces. Instead opt for timeless pieces like a crisp white shirt, pinstripe pants, or practical nude pumps. Also wear materials like cotton or linen, that allow for more dynamic movement in a high-pressure work environment. Apart from not going out of fashion anytime soon, they also do not dent your budget seasonally!

Dress Neat and Tidy

Keep in mind that appearance often translates to performance. A well put together outfit will give off the impression of efficiency in work as well. Your employer and clients will predict the outcome of your work based on your clothes, and perhaps even treat you accordingly. A pressed and pristine attire may help you get your foot in the door quicker than a rumpled suit. So, iron out those wrinkles on your clothes and in your work. A little attention to detail goes a long way in delivering you success in the long run.


People often asses your personality based on your shoes. Oft neglected, your footwear also deserves some much-needed attention. After all, what else will you wear walking down the road to success? Polished and well-kept dress shoes or heels will help you stride into that board-room with confidence to boot! (pun intended). Additionally, also pay attention to the bag you carry. Grab a roomy handbag or briefcase with a preferably muted colour, to finish off your office look.

Pride and Groom

Confidence is the greatest accessory one can wear. A self-assured persona will inadvertently make you seem more reliable and resourceful. However, relying on it solely is also not advisable. Since business is not a spot for leisure, be mindful of your grooming habits as well. Trimmed beard, well-kempt hair, pleasant fragrance, and overall hygiene are an important step on the corporate ladder, so bridge the gap and climb on up!

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