Huawei’s Ramadan Campaign Takes a Walk Down Nostalgia Lane

Huawei’s Ramadan Campaign

There are ads that you immediately want to skip, and then there are ads that make you think and sometimes, even make you feel. Huawei’s Ramadan campaign does that and more.

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Truly heart-warming, the campaign revisits the age-old tradition of moon-sighting and reminds people of a time when technology wasn’t at everyone’s beck and call. Today, thanks to the advent of technology, moon-sighting information is easily available to observers through various digital platforms including social media.

Huawei’s initiative [as cited in a press release] is a campaign that focuses on the importance of moon-sighting and the nostalgia of traditions as they are passed down to younger generations.

Huwaei’s campaign also sheds light on Ramadan in modern times, celebrating tradition, history and culture.

In the video, after three children are unable to decide on the start date for Ramadan, they bring their doubts to their grandfather. He asks them to follow the old ways and go atop the tallest building in the neighborhood where the children spot the crescent that announces the beginning of Ramadan.

Have we peaked your interest? Watch the video below:

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