If you have these 5 things at work, your job is great

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At the outset, here’s an important piece of statistic that will make you think twice about your job or workplace: Did you know that you spend 1/3rd of your life at work?

If that’s the case, shouldn’t your job really be worth it? Here’s what you should look for in a job to make your career not just good but great:

Find the window of opportunity

You are not a machine that can keep doing the same job day in and day out. As human beings, we all look to advance in our careers. We might have all the talent in the world but talent without opportunity is meaningless. What makes a job great is if it offers you opportunities and throws up challenges so that you can grow as a professional and individual. These can be in the form of financial rewards and better positions.   

Flexibility is key

Times have changed and 9-to-5 routines are on the decline. Thanks to technology in the modern era, flexibility has become key to productivity and job satisfaction. In a recent study, it was found out that people who work remotely are 93% more productive. Still thinking about 9-to-5?

Be a team player

Let’s face it, you can’t build any successful venture with a one-man show attitude. You have to play as a team when it comes to building a business or a brand. For that to happen, make sure roles are defined and there is a seamless delegation of work which will ensure efficiency and teamwork.

Create a two-way communication street

There is no one-way street when it comes to communication channels in an organization. The best workplaces are often the ones where 100% transparency and clarity are encouraged.

Plus, your job should allow you to voice your opinions, concerns and feedback. This will allow the company to improve its performance year-on-year.

If your workplace has these things going for it. You are definitely in a great space or rather, a workplace.

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