Developing coastal communities

Oman Shipping Company has implemented several social investment programmes that serve different social segments in the country

Set up in 2003, Oman Shipping Company (OSC) grew out of the Omani government’s vision to develop a national fleet catering to the maritime transportation requirements of the country’s rapidly growing hydrocarbon, petrochemical, mining and metallurgical industries. Beyond OSC’s core function as a shipping logistics provider, there is a commitment to recreating Oman’s once proud maritime history as a seafaring nation and thereby encouraging young Omanis to pursue wholly rewarding careers in this industry. OSC has adopted several social investment programmes that serve different social groups such as the Shera’a, Blue Economics Workshops, the Fishermen’s Safety Campaign as well as “Thaddi Oman” for youth development.

Fishermen Safety Campaign

Oman Shipping Company and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries have signed an MoU by which the company is financing safety campaign for fishermen in all costal governorates across the Sultanate. The project is a part of the company’s social investment programmes in developing coastal communities in the country. The campaign aims to raise marine safety awareness for the local fishermen and equip them with safety bag which includes basic safety equipment that can prevent or mitigate risks at sea. The campaign was launched in 2014 in Sohar and have covered all coastal governorates in the Sultanate. More than 500 registered fishermen have benefited from this campaign.

Sana’ah- coastal women programme

Sana’a is a social initiative for the development of coastal women in the Sultanate, funded by Oman Shipping Company and implemented and supervised by the Omani Women’s Association in Seeb, as part of a partnership aimed at empowering coastal women in Oman economically and enabling them to utilise the abundant fisheries and increase the added value of these resources for economic benefit.

Sana’a is a knowledge initiative that offers training programmes about production of fish pickles such as squid pickles and others. That aims to raise the living standards of the participants and contribute to the development of SMEs in this field, in addition to increasing the added value of existing fish resources.

Oman Shipping Company will finance the construction of the production workshop of fish pickles at the association’s premises, which includes equipment for the processing and packaging of products. The workshop will serve as a training place for women who join the programme. In addition, there is the possibility of making the workshop available for rent and allocating all revenues to finance the activities of the association.

Shera’a-blue economy workshop

Shera’a is the newest social investment programme introduced by Oman Shipping Company for developing entrepreneurship of the Omani youth, as part of the company’s efforts to contribute to the development of coastal communities in the Sultanate. This Initiative endeavours to introduce the concept of ‘the blue economy’ to Omani students, graduates and entrepreneurs to encourage them to benefit from business opportunities that are associated with sea such as fishing, tourism and maritime transport and others by taking advantage of the growth of marmite sector and economic possibilities available in coastal governorates in the Sultanate.

The workshops will be facilitated by a number of lecturers and specialists in the fields of maritime activities and entrepreneurship. The programme hopes to develop youth capabilities to contribute to the prosperity of coastal communities. The programme will be subject to continuous evaluation and development to enhance the yield of each of the participants and the community.

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