Lending a helping hand

Takaful Oman’s CSR initiatives are focussed on ameliorating the situation of the underprivileged in the society, working with environmental groups, developing SMEs and creating awareness on Islamic finance

Takaful Oman has corporate social responsibility (CSR) at its core. A pioneer of Takaful services in Oman, the company follows the sharia principles of mutual cooperation. Takaful Oman had initiated a number of activities which included working with underprivileged sections of the society, environmental groups and working to develop SMEs.

“We worked with Dar Al Atta during Ramadan for contributing towards upliftment of the needy in a meaningful way,” says O G Ravishankar, CEO, Takaful Oman. “We sponsored events where the proceeds were given to the Oman Cancer Association. We did a number of medical camps during the year where free test and other services were provided. The initiatives are in line with Sharia principles of mutual cooperation.”

He adds, “During the last two years, we along with our other partners have been carrying out “Knowledge Road shows” across Oman to explain and introduce Islamic finance and investments. This includes banking, investments and Takaful insurance. We want people in the interior to be part of the development. We want to make sure that our products reach all sections of the society.”

In addition, Takaful Oman partnered to deploy 18 recycle bins at Sultan Qaboos University, Indian School Muscat, Dolphin Village to name a few. This is an initiative to contribute towards keeping the city clean by recycling paper waste.

Contribution to SMEs

Takaful Oman has been encouraging SMEs in line with His Majesty’s vision. The company has more than 30 agents across Oman which are owned and operated by SMEs. “We are proud of the fact that a number of them have taken support from SME fund. At Takaful Oman we help them to set up operations. We have been encouraged by the response we received when we started this in 2015. We think that going forward with the support of our regulators we will further be able to expand and develop this segment,” concludes Ravishankar.

Takaful Oman Insurance Company is an MSM-listed Takaful Insurance Company, providing Sharia’a-compliant family takaful and general takaful in the Sultanate of Oman. It commenced commercial operations with a formal launch in June 2014 and is a full-fledged Takaful provider in Oman.

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