In conversation with David Kenneth, Executive Producer, Pixomondo

David Kenneth, Executive Producer, Pixomondo, VFX company
David Kenneth, Executive Producer, Pixomondo

Founded in 2001 in Frankfurt, Pixomondo, the global VFX firm is best known for its Emmy Award-winning work on HBO’s Game of Thrones. The studio produces visual effects for feature films, television, gaming, industries, and more.

In the Middle East, the studio has created the animation on five attractions for Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, and will opening their sixth attraction in Doha, Qatar.

David Kenneth, Executive Producer, Pixomondo talks to Business Live Middle East about their work in the Middle East, the company’s participation in D.E.A.L. Dubai and gives his insights into the regional VFX market:

Tell us about the kind of work Pixomondo has been doing in the Middle East.

We feel fortunate to have worked on a number of successful projects in the Middle East over the past 4 years. We created the animation on five attractions for Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, including a Flying Theater, two dark rides, high-speed roller coaster and a live interactive show.

In conversation with David Kenneth, Executive Producer, Pixomondo
Green Lantern ride at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

We are especially proud of the work in Abu Dhabi. It was named Best Theme Park 2019 by Theme Park Insider. Time Magazine listed it as one of its “Greatest Places 2018.”  It’s nice to know that our attractions make people – and in this case, entire families – happy.

What is your assessment of the VFX market in the region? And what are the challenges & opportunities?

The adoption of new and expanding industries are always a challenge no matter where you are, but the level of innovation and commitment to quality in the Middle East tells me that opportunities will be more and more dominant and forthcoming. We very much look forward to creating more partnerships here.

In conversation with David Kenneth, Executive Producer, Pixomondo
Aerosmith and Pixomondo have partnered for the band’s upcoming Las Vegas Residency. Pixomondo will create the media for the preshow, the ninety minute main show, as well as the lobby and V.I.P. experience areas.

In what area is there potential for growth?

Technology is the predominant driving force in the advancement of most entertainment -related genres, and in my opinion the Middle East is positioned well for sizable growth in animation and gaming areas.

Tell us about your participation in D.E.A.L. Dubai. What were your expectations and were they met?

Being a first time attendee, Pixomondo had limited information to go on in order to define our expectations, but we wanted to attend because our experiences with working in the region have always been very positive, and we plan to continue nurturing our existing relationships while also developing new ones.

Since we pioneered an immersive digital aquarium experience with National Geographic that currently on display in Times Square, New York City called Ocean Odyssey, we have been developing even more advanced technology in that similar space which we were able to share with some high level visitors at D.E.A.L.

Flying theaters are also very in demand right now and while we have five of them around the world (including the Green Lantern ride at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi), we are currently getting ready to launch our sixth in Doha, Qatar.

Of course it’s always fun to talk to people about some of the projects we working on involving high profile talent or brands. At the moment, we are providing the media for such live events rock band Aerosmith’s Las Vegas, Nevada residency, and are readying the fall launch of the Jurassic World Live Tour in the United States and Canada.

We do hope to be back at D.E.A.L. next year and can’t wait to reveal some of the other projects we are just starting to put together.

What are the biggest trends in the VFX industry right now?

The development of realtime rendering and virtual production are major advancements with how content will be made moving forward, which is why Pixomondo has been creating custom tools and techniques in this field for over three years.

What is the project Pixomondo has worked on that you are most proud of?

This changes often as my favorite project is typically one that has challenged us the most while also allowed us to push the boundaries of innovation, which is almost always a recent project that I’m not allowed to talk about because it’s too early!

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