E-Tadawul provides umpteen choices for investors

Hassan Ali Jawad, Managing Director, United Securities

E-Tadawul, the online platform gives investors umpteen choices to invest in markets across the globe, says Hassan Ali Jawad, Managing Director, United Securities in an interview

Investors in Oman now have a choice of investing in global markets of their choice through an online trading platform, E-Tadawul launched by United Securities LLC.

With a one-stop trading screen, investors have a choice of markets and instruments. Up markets and down markets, the online platform gives one umpteen choices. If the UAE market is quiet, look at taking a position in other countries. E-Tadawul allows one to trade equities, exchange traded funds and move funds easily between markets and instruments. With even a minimum amount, one can trade using PC, laptop, phone or tablet across all markets available, with freedom that’s never been experienced before.

Hassan Ali Jawad says it’s the right time to invest- when the market is down it gives you time to think. “We hope that this product will give a new mileage to investors. We have spent a lot of time and money on launching the platform and are proud that something like this is happening in Oman before anywhere else in the GCC.”

With a lot of IPOs expected in 2020, GCC markets, including Oman will change drastically, he avers. “We are promoting the product in Oman and in other GCC states. The product will hopefully market itself through social media. We have been creating awareness through presentations as a part of marketing. Roadshows and so on have been planned to create awareness about the product,” he adds. As we move on, the number of markets will increase. Currently, the system can take around 80 markets. Oman, GCC states and USA will be the initial target markets. This product will hopefully revolutionise the market and become a boon for the investors, he says.

Investors can trade in all markets. One can sell in the UAE in the morning and buy in the US at night by immediately using the sales proceeds. When trading internationally, one of the constraints is how much it costs to exchange currency to trade the foreign market and convert it back to your home currency. With E-Tadawul, investors benefit from discounts on foreign exchange transactions, as United Securities is a large client of banks for FX purposes. “We want investors to make money by trading stocks and not to lose it on the exchange rate.”

Safety is paramount, he adds. “We are using Amazon Cloud, which is highly encrypted,” he says. Hassan says extensive research and news data are fed into the platforms. Teams of analysts collect data from stock exchanges and the listed companies. Established in 1994, United Securities is a trusted name in investment services in the Sultanate and is committed to the protection of its clients’ funds. E-Tadawul, provided by United Securities, is fully licensed and regulated by the Capital Market Authority in the Sultanate.

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