Matthew Horobin, Director – Brand Engagement, Dubai Airports

What’s going to be the next big disruption?

Matthew Horobin, Director – Brand Engagement, Dubai Airports talks to Business Live Middle East about what he thinks will be the next big disruption.

With the advent of virtual assistants like Alexa / Echo as well as Google and Apple’s voice-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) devices, more marketers are realizing why they need to consider how they might leverage this technology in their marketing and advertising efforts.

“What I am most excited about, is the next big disruption being routed in voice,” he says. “For me voice has got all sorts of power – from tactical suggestions like, ‘Alexa, play me a song!’ through to more commercial implications like, ‘Buy me a new car.’ … Frictionless and convenient, voice applications I believe, will be very powerful – and actually very secure as well.”

Watch the complete interview with Matthew Horobin below:

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