Our strategy is to offer best possible service with reasonable pricing: Azzan Al Barram

Azzan Al Barram, Managing Director, Horizon Fitness, believes that having a clear goal for the organisation is the key to success not just for the family members, but for everyone associated with the business. Excerpts from an interview with Oommen John P.

Your roles and responsibilities at Horizon Fitness?
I am the managing director of Horizon Fitness and responsible for two brands that come under Horizon (Horizon Fitness, Jasmine) and all related operations for both the brands. By the end of 2015, there were 25 clubs. We plan to open the 26th club in April 2016 under the Jasmine brand.
What prompted the launch of the Fitness Centre?
Horizon’s slogan is “Better health, better life.” As an organisation, we have made our business model affordable and accessible across Oman and mainly Muscat with 20 clubs operating.
Jasmine was established in 2015 with the slogan “For her,” as a premium fitness and spa club offering the best for ladies. We are going to expand this brand in other parts of the country in the coming years.
Horizon is proud to be 100 per cent Omani business that uses international standards to give the best quality of equipments and services. We also provide B2B services by managing corporate clubs or through special packages to corporate employees.
Is there an induction process to bring the next generation of family members into the business?
I am the second generation in my family. My other siblings are also involved in the business at the moment.
As an entrepreneur, what were the challenges that you faced to launch the entity?
I am not the founder of Horizon, but still had the opportunity to see the growth of the organisation, drawn up a strategy for expansion during the past few years. Challenges are present in any kind of operation, which is healthy for the business to grow.
Have you been able to bring in certain changes to the way the business is run?
Having a clear goal for the organisation is always a key to success for the people involved and not just the family members. Our strategy is to offer the best possible service with a reasonable pricing that could give better health and better life.
Additionally, I have just completed a study on the challenges facing SMEs in Oman, especially small businesses and the outcome of the study was the following: Regulatory environment and bureaucracy of the government; labour law and Omanisation and underground economy.

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