Saturday, February 16, 2019

The China shock, Wall Street and Asian equities

Asian equities have been the victims of the Fed rate hikes, China’s hard landings and the global exodus from emerging markets

Oman’s most recent spending plan calls for considerable belt tightening

On January 1, 2016 His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said issued a royal decree approving the Sultanate’s 2016 state budget and the country’s ninth five-year development plan, the latter of which covers the period 2016-20.

King Dollar to reign Planet Forex

The most prominent theme in the world currency market in the past year has been the spectacular rise of the US dollar against the Euro, the Japanese yen, commodity currencies and above all, emerging markets.

Revisiting subsides in Bahrain – by Dr Jasim Husain Ali

The authorities in Bahrain have never been so determined to overhaul governmental subsidies as part of efforts to streamline public finance. The starting point...

New opportunities – by Oliver Cornock

In May 2015, LuLu Hypermarkets, an Abu Dhabi-based retailer, announced that it planned to expand its operations in Oman in the coming years. “We...

Free fall of emerging market currencies – by Matein Khalid

Emerging market currencies, now trading at their weakest level since the Bernanke Fed’s “taper tantrum” in May 2013, face multiple risks in the last...

Best Practices in Oil and Gas Supply Chain and Procurement

Oil and gas companies operate in dynamic and complex environments, where they face constant challenges especially in terms of supply and demand. Now with...

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