The Art of Well-being: LC Well

lal chand lc well

There goes a well known saying, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” Our minds are perhaps the most powerful and valuable tool and mastering the art of conquering the mind is one of the most difficult feats to attain.

Yet, having control of our thoughts is the key to not only success, but also, survival. Factors beyond our control dictate the way we are living and when someone comes and tells us that they can show the way to lead a more satisfied life, we are ready to accept that crutch. And that’s where the wellness industry experts step in.

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Lal Chand is the Founder of LC Well, a world wellbeing organisation, headquartered in London and operating from Dubai. Established in 2018, LC Well is a non-profit organisation in UK with a branch in JLT – Dubai with the objective of giving back to the world and promoting universal wellbeing.

Under his leadership, LC Well essentially offers free classes on yoga, meditation, counselling and everything related to stress management and healthy lifestyle. All a person has to do is register on the website, avail its membership and then receive all benefits including access to lectures, workshops, meets with psychologists, wellness videos and campaigns to name just a few – without paying a penny.

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