Saturday, February 16, 2019
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This Art Has Been Created by AI. Will Collectors Want It?

Four months ago, Christie’s said it held the first-ever auction of art created by artificial intelligence. The $432,500 sale sparked a controversy among critics...

The Best Place to Put Million-Dollar Pieces of Art?

Where does one of the world’s leading collectors of French and Italian bronze sculptures display his most prized pieces? The bathroom, of course. Architect Peter...

People Who Made News in 2018

2018 was an action-packed year which saw plenty of people make the headlines for good, bad and ugly reasons. Here are some of the...

TEDxMuscat Salon Kicks off this Saturday

Barr Al Jissah, has announced that TEDxMuscat Salon will be held at Al Mazaar and will be the Initiative partner to the upcoming TEDx...

Alpine Resorts Go Techno to Lure Millennials Onto the Slopes

A DJ bobs behind the turntables as a steady 4/4 beat thumps and the dance floor swells with sweaty revelers. Outside, clubbers dressed in...

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