Established In 1983, This Brand Is Oman’s Oldest And Largest Vertically Integrated Dairy Company

The oldest and largest vertically integrated dairy company in the Sultanate of Oman, A’Safwah has been synonymous with farm-fresh goodness, produced from cattle bred and reared in the pleasant climate of the Dhofar region.

With a legacy of almost four decades, A’Safwah produces premium quality fresh milk and dairy products that are loved by children and adults in the Sultanate.

A’Safwah takes great pride in its world-class dairy farms, advanced infrastructure, and excellent distribution systems. Taking advantage of being a 100 per cent Omani brand that is well-versed with the local market, A’Safwah also makes the most of its distribution and delivery network to reduce the time required for its products to reach the retailers. This makes its products fresher when compared to other imported brands.

“A’Safwah has a distinct taste that is a sign of farm-fresh milk. This is a taste our consumers have grown to love over the years,” said a company spokesperson.

“Our uncompromising take on maintaining quality has earned us an increasingly loyal customer base. With so many years of experience, we not only know the local market better than others but also reserve a strong understanding of the best practices that a premium dairy company should follow. Our process starts right from the grassroots and encompasses everything from cattle rearing to our delivery networks.”

A’Safwah’s dairy farms are located in the Dhofar region which provides the ideal climate for cattle rearing in the entire GCC. A strong believer in the idea that nutritious milk comes from cows that are well-cared for, A’Safwah works closely with environmental advisors and local and regional environmental regulators to implement all the necessary steps to ensure that the cattle is well-nurtured and raised in the most hygienic and stress-free conditions blending nature with science.

A’safwah always ensures that the milk that reaches customer is produced from the healthiest cows reared in maximum comfort and are fed with balanced, organic, locally-grown and nutritious feed to enable them to produce wholesome milk.

“A’Safwah has been a household name. Even as a child, I remember reaching out to a bottle of fresh A’Safwah milk before heading out to play with my friends. Today, as a mother, I ensure my children keep up the habit of drinking milk every day. My choice of brand over the years hasn’t changed. We still reach out for A’Safwah,” said Wafaa Said Ahmed Qatan, who lives in Salalah.

A’Safwah started off as the most preferred brand in the Dhofar region but as the popularity of the brand grew, it captured a significant amount of the market share in other governorates including Muscat.

While A’Safwah has seen steady growth through the years and has expanded operations to meet the growing demand of its products, it has ensured that it stays committed to its pledge of providing consumers with milk and dairy products that are of the highest quality, fresh and local.