World’ Most Dangerous and Deadly Laptop on Sale for $1.2 Million!

World’ Most Dangerous and Deadly Laptop on Sale for $1.2 Million!
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In one of the most bizarre auctions in history, the world’s most dangerous and deadly laptop is now on sale for $1.2 million! Yes, you read that absolutely right. The said laptop is nothing when compared to its modern day, stylish counterparts. And yet, it’s worth more than a million dollars, being sold at an auction.

But why is it being sold so high, even when it is way too much outdated by now?

Because this laptop comes with six of the most destructive pieces of malware. These viruses have caused nearly $100 billion in damages across the globe, throughout the years. Not only this, some of these viruses are still on the internet, being used by hackers and cybercriminals. With that said, the alleged laptop becomes perhaps the deadliest machine in the world, at the moment. It’s currently running a very older version of the Windows operating system, that is, Microsoft’s WindowsXP.

In the auction, the artwork (the laptop) is titled ‘The Persistence of Chaos’, featuring an older Samsung NC-10. It’s a 10.2-inch 14GB laptop, a model from 2008! Currently running WindowsXP (Service Pack 3), it’s packed with six different malware (viruses).

The auction project of this machine has been commissioned by cybersecurity firm Deep Instinct. It has been created by artist Guo O Dong. And the bidding for the laptop has so far gone beyond $1.2 million, in a private online auction.

This ‘deadliest laptop’ has been kept isolated and air-gapped. The reason for that is also pretty simple. Because this way, the dangerous viruses can’t escape the laptop and spread elsewhere.

The above-mentioned six dangerous viruses are, ‘ILOVEYOU’, ‘MyDoom’, ‘SoBig’, ‘WannaCry’, ‘Dark Tequila’, and ‘BlackEnergy’.

At first, the idea of buying this ultimate piece of danger and destruction is itself bizarre. But now it’s being sold as a piece of art. What else can you imagine more than that!

The official listing page for this project clarifies that this auction is only meant for ‘academic reasons’. Because the sale of malware for operational purposes is illegal.