7 Lifestyle Habits That You Need To Change Right Now!

7 habits to a better lifestyle

April has arrived and if you still desire to turn things around in 2019, nixing the bad habits that may be hampering your progress, is a good step forward. Be done with the old and embrace the new! With that in mind, let us look at 7 lifestyle habits that you must ditch for setting yourself up for a better 2019.

  1. Smoking

Well this one is a given. Smoking is injurious to health and so is vaping. It lowers life expectancy, increases the chances of a heart attack, cancer, stroke and also has an adverse effect on the nonsmokers in your life. As hard as it may be, it is definitely worth the effort. So let this be the year, you finally kick the butt!

  1. Using Social Media As Your Reference Guide

Social media has helped stay in touch with people we love and admire. But it becomes unhealthy when one starts comparing their life with the pictures posted by their friends. If you find yourself in a similar situation it is important to remember that people often want to emphasize the best version of themselves online instead of their real version. Hence stop investing so much time in another person’s journey and start making your own.

  1. Waking Up With A Hangover

While the internet is loaded with mixed messages about alcohol consumption, the truth of the matter is alcohol is highly addictive and toxic. Heavy drinking can impair brain functions, cause liver damage, obesity and depression. Therefore if you choose to embrace a healthier lifestyle – trash the bottle or learn to drink responsibly.

  1. Binge Watching

With the advent of on-demand entertainment, binge-watching has become a regular phenomenon. Though it may seem harmless, several binge watchers have experienced increased fatigue, difficulty in sleeping and poor quality of sleep. It also contributes to a sedentary lifestyle and overeating. Reading a book, hitting the gym or taking a walk are few of the many options you can explore while not glued to the screen.

  1. Stress Eating

It is very common to reach for a bag of chips or a box of brownie when you are stressed or feeling down. Although it may leave you satisfied, that feeling is temporary. What follows is guilt. Break the vicious cycle of stress eating by listening to your body and understanding the difference between emotional and physical hunger.

  1. Taking Your Phone To Bed

Our smartphones have become totally integrated with our everyday lives. Looking at it before going to sleep and reaching for it as soon as we wake up has become a habit. But not all habits are good and taking your phone to bed is certainly not one of them. The notifications, blinks, and rings that help to catch your attention during the day, disturb your sleep at night. So end your love affair with your phone and leave it on the table before you are ready for bed.

  1. Being Late

Arriving late is never fashionable. It leads to chaos, rushing up on things and apologizing to people. Being late not only impacts your daily schedule also puts the people around you in a bind.  Hence chronic tardiness is surely one of the lifestyle changes that one needs to make for a more successful and stress-free life.

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