How to Turn On Happiness, Turn Off Anxiety, Right Now

Turn your happiness on

Norma Nikutowski’s book shares scientifically proven strategies that allow people to begin feeling happier

In her 20-year career as a counselor working with patients with anxiety and depression and teaching special needs students, Norma Nikutowski learned a universal truth: everyone has the capacity for happiness, it’s just a matter of turning it on and keeping it on.

In her new book, Turn Your Happiness ON (Spring Rain Publishing), the Argentinian-born Nikutowski delves into what happiness is, the detours people take in trying to achieve it, the role positive thinking plays in happiness, the habits of happy people and much more. She also points out that happy people not only live longer but research also shows that they make more money and are more productive than their unhappier counterparts.

In an interview she can reveal:

  • Ways to immediately change your mood—including decluttering your home or workspace and doing at least one activity you enjoy every day.
  • Why instead of complaining about what you dislike, you should focus on and enjoy everything that is working in your life.
  • How to look for the amazing learning and self-development opportunities in every crisis, hardship, or negative situation.
  • Why you should assume your relatives have good intentions and try to understand their needs too.
  • The habit confident people share that you can develop.
  • The importance of not waiting until Monday, your birthday, next year, or tomorrow. Every moment is a fantastic opportunity for a fresh start.

Praise for ‘Turn Your Happiness On’

“This practical and fun book helps us discover that we all have the capacity to feel happiness as a welcome part of our lives. Norma shows us how to turn it on and keep happiness shining brightly and bring more joy into the world.” – Cristina Smith, award-winning author of the Yoga for the Brain series

“Turn Your Happiness ON is a must-read book for everyone, from high school students to entrepreneurs. To be successful in any area of your life, you need to find happiness. Norma Nikutowski can show you the steps and guide you to living a life full of happiness and enjoyment.” – Wanny Huynh, author of HOPE: Finding the Path Toward Happiness, Opportunity, Prosperity and Enjoyment