Is There More to Being Healthy Than Being Thin?

health and fitness

What it means to be healthy is often under debate.

People don’t want to be labeled as unhealthy and can get rather defensive when those around them start describing their lifestyle as essentially being bad. Financial Education Benefits Center (FEBC), a membership benefits company, says there’s more than one way to be healthy and that being in “the best shape” isn’t necessarily the only way to live.

“Different people have their own biological needs for what it means for their body to be healthy,” said Jennifer Martinez, Manager at FEBC. Someone who is six feet tall and gains weight easily is going to have very different dietary and exercise needs than someone closer to five feet tall with a slender build. It’s important to keep in mind that someone doesn’t have to have exercise as the main focus in their life to be healthy.

The presence of fat isn’t a good indicator of whether or not someone is leading a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle. There are more factors in determining health and being overweight isn’t one of them. Society has placed such a high importance on looks that people have mistaken not being an ideal weight for being unhealthy. Being picture-perfect with defined muscles and a six-pack also doesn’t guarantee happiness. There’s no shame in having body fat and loving one’s life.

It’s important to listen to a body and its needs. If hungry, eat, and when no longer hungry, stop eating. Exercising out of obligation ruins many people’s desire to even try, so instead of going to the gym, try incorporating a different physical activity into the daily routine.