Montblanc’s stylish nod to the ’80s

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Montblanc pays a musical tribute to the 1980s with their latest and absolutely cool launch, Meisterstück Soft Grain Mix Tapes Capsule Collection

Few things are more symbolic of the ‘80s than cassette tapes with young people taking their music with them everywhere they went playing new music on their Walkmans or boom boxes. While cassette tapes are making their return on the music scene, the iconic tape also makes a stylish appearance on the new Meisterstück Soft Grain Mix Tapes Capsule Collection. Hip and stylish, small and large pieces in black soft grainy leather feature an artistic graphic ‘tape’ digital print that evokes 80s and 90s music tapes and the pop culture of the era.

Montblanc's stylish nod to the '80s  The most innovative thing about cassettes in the 1980s was the fact they were recordable, giving people the ability to create their own personal mixes. Reminiscent of recorded tapes, these cool and stylish companions feature a label print that can be personalized by writing a name on the blank label for a complete 80s vintage look.

Montblanc's stylish nod to the '80s  Small leather Meisterstück Soft Grain Mix Tapes pieces are decorated with a cassette print, while the large leather goods feature a cassette sleeve print, a design that suggests that one fits perfectly in the other, just as a cassette would fit into its sleeve. We love the portfolio which could even pass off for a funky clutch. It’s thumbs up for this eclectic range from Montblanc from us.